U-Arena , Nanterre, October 22.2017 Credits : PB


Maxi Keith Richards - Run Rudolph Run - BMG Mindless 681529 EU

The latest, the greatest ???, for once I would say yes !!!
Great single, great stage shot and very nice marbled vinyl.


SP Wild Horses (Acoustic Version) Polydor 118403 Exclusive Vinyl Austria

Nice single which was included for free
in the german Rolling Stone magazine issue of June 2015
and only available this way.



Keith Richards and The X-pensive Winos Live On Tour Paris 1992 original promo poster

Original A0 sized promo poster for 
the only show ever of the Winos in France.
You don't see one every day.
I was at the show, great memories.


Promo CD Voodoo Lounge CD ROM Virgin VISA 3631 France

This one is not so well known.
Fun to play back then, mostly unplayable today as it use Windows 95.
Anyway, with some tools you could watch some short clips.


Details below

BLUES 2 = 0.25" of Long Distance Call live with Muddy Waters 1981
CLIP = 0.36" of Love is Strong & Out Of Tears clips
GIRLS = 0.31" of  VL animation with girls and french subtitles on the 4 stones comments
GRATTES = 0.08" of Ronnie and Keith playin' a blues instrumental
HOSTESS = 0.04" of Lisa Fischer who welcome you in VL
INTRO = 0.22" Mick and Keith talkin' about VL
JAGGER1 = 0.24 " doco on the Stones in their Tour Bus
LIVE = 0.22" of You Got Me Rocking live
VERANDA = 0.11" of Ronnie playin' an acoustic instrumental
WC = 0.14" Ronnie peeing and sayin' Hi to everybody's !

Promo CD Forty Licks Sampler ABKCO-Virgin CDVDJ 2964 EU


Lots of promo for Forty Licks.
Beside that one above you have to hunt 
"4 New Licks" and "10 New Licks" as well.


LP Let It Bleed Decca 258057 B France (updated)

Very first 70's reissue, the original pressing used the UK catalogue number.
It's also probably the PS in the worst condition I used to get in my collection.
Fortunately got a better copy last week.
For the record, it seems that at the time of its release there was no poster included,
and I'm not sure about the inner as well.